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With Galaxy Network season 2 we propose to the public a virtual trip into a diversity of unknown virtual worlds, from narrative to interactive, from the real to the most abstract vision of what could be the Metaverse.


VR Exhibition 2022

Selection of the best VR experiences from last years, premium experiences and accessible to a large audience at the same time.


ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture , Barcelona: October 26 to November 8 / Diversion cinema, France: October 28 to November 13 / MEET Digital Culture Center of Milano: November 2 to 14 / VR Future, at Müze Gazhane in Istanbul: November 17 to 21 / Laboratorio Aperto, in Ferrara, Italy: November 17 to 21 / VRNRG at Mac-LAVS in Mataro, Barcelona: November 23 to 28 INVR in Berlin: November 2021 / Less Media Group in Moscow: November 26 to December 12 /
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About us

The Galaxy Network is a community of art institutions united by a common goal to showcase and promote high-quality VR content to larger audiences in its national markets.


The purpose of the Galaxy Network is to create and coordinate exhibitions of quality Virtual Reality experiences to be showcased simultaneously in the different locations of the Network.

Biolum Bodyless The Scream VR In the Land of the Flabby Shnook 2nd Step Caravaggio in Tenebris


Strands of Mind Afforare/Surfacing

HanaHana Multi-Bloom

Past Exhibitions

Galaxy Network VR Exhibition Fall 2021

Tell me a VR Story

Tell me a VR Story

Another reallity

Another reallity

360 view of the world

360 view of the world

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