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Y2019 Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB Originals Home

Title (English / Original): Home

Director (English / Original): HSU Chih-Yen

Production: Country Taiwan

Production Year: 2019

Presented by: Kaohsiung Film Archive / Hsuˇ Chihˋ Yenˋ Director Studios / Funique VR Studio Language Taiwanese, Mandarin

Subtitle: English

Production Type: VR360

Running Time: 17 min 39sec

Color: Color

Genre: Drama


Be at her wits' end about being loved. Gradually, she watched her child get married and settled down


In the summer afternoon, the family gathers to the old house. They surround beside grandma to show their love, even though she's no longer able to move, react or hear clearly. As people come and go, the television keeps replaying and the fan is still running in the peaceful old house, where lives the grandma and her maid.


2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan / World Premiere / Offline)
2020 Tribeca Film Festival (USA / International Premiere / Online)
2020 Taipei Film Festival (Taiwan / Offline)
2020 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (South Korea / Online - Korea only)
2020 Venice Film Festival - Best of, Venice VR Expanded (Italy / Online)
2020 Geneva International Film Festival (Switzerland / Offline - Cancelled)
2020 Electric Africa VR Festival (South Africa / Online - Africa only)
2021 FIPADOC Festival - SMART (France / Online - Postponed)
2021 Beyond the Frame Festival (Japan / Online)

Director Bio

HSU Chih-Yen
Graduated from the Communications Design of Shih Chien University. Hsu is a director of various films such as music videos, commercials, and short clips. He has a good sense of the rhythm of his film and narrating realistic emotions as well. “Dear EX”, his first feature co-directed with renowned writer Mag Hsu, has won numerous awards at Taipei Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards.

Director Statement

“At last, please don’t worry about your performance. Just imagine the feelings you come back home again, and say hi to grandma. That will be the best.” I have the impression that I sent this message to my family members before the last few takes to cheer them up. Thank you, grandma, for using your eyes to record our family; Thank you, the Hsu family.

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